We offer a full process range of services and can provide either end-to-end or partial coverage of new product development, realisation and production.

-Trend Analysis and Brief Generation

Analysing both the market and your existing product range we can help give direction and shape to your upcoming product offerings.

-Concept Development

Taking a brief and applying our digital sketching process, we are able to generate feasible and implementation-ready ideas.

-Production-ready Design

We can provide production-ready design modelling services, including any scanning requirements, delivering 3D and 2D drawings that allow your selected manufacturers to produce your products exactly the way you want them.

-Prototype Manufacture

Our proven supply chain enables the production of high quality, highly accurate and functional prototype parts both at affordable prices and within reduced timescales. We also assist with the validation process, proving out the accuracy and fit of prototypes.

-Supply Chain Management

We can assist your business with services ranging from supply chain management support to a comprehensive service providing you with packaged, retail-ready products.

-Digital Media and Marketing Materials

Complementing our product design and realisation services, we are experienced in the development and production of the marketing materials, websites and e-commerce systems required to support your product range and maximise the impact of your new product launches.